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THE REST OF MY PORTLAND/SAN FRANCISCO PHOTOS! Yeah, I neglected my blog for months. But it was for a reason! I was busy! I got a new Macbook! I’m moving to Japan!

Anyway, here’s the rest of the photos. Even though this was from, you know, APRIL.


The Amtrak train that runs along the west coast from Seattle to LA is called theĀ Coast Starlight. Fancy! We decided to take the train from Portland to San Francisco just because we’re train nerds and it sounded like a fun idea.


We got a sleeper car and I made a fish face. (Those two things are unrelated.) The sleeper cars are pretty tiny but it’s nice to have your own little space with beds and a table and stuff.


I like champagne, even if it is from California and served in a plastic glass.


You could either eat dinner in the Dining Car or the Parlour Car. The Parlour Car is only for people who have booked sleeping cars, so we went for that. Also, in the Dining Car, you share your table so that it makes a table of four and we didn’t feel like making conversation with elderly American strangers.


This was the dining car.


We took a stroll over to the sightseeing car.


Seeing the sights!


There was even a cute little movie theatre.


The Amtrak amenity kit wasn’t as nice as the ones you get on airplanes but I just love transportation-branded anything.


The Parlour Car and the top of my messy haired head.


Train salad


Train… beef? I can’t even remember. The food was fine but not memorable (obviously). Here’s an example menu.


For relaxing times… take the train.


Pretty mountain scenery


While you’re at dinner, your sleeper car attendant comes and makes up your room into beds. Sleeping in a train was kind of soothing. I also had a shower on the train before I went to bed — now there’s something you can’t do on (most) airplanes!




Amtrak coffee


The breakfast was also edible — I think Mike had a bacon and egg breakfast sandwich.


More pretty scenery. Almost in San Francisco at this point.


We also had some doughnuts left from Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, which made an even BETTER breakfast.




Heading into San Francisco…


… and we arrived at Fisherman’s Wharf! The whole Amtrak thing was pretty fun, but we were definitely some of the youngest people in a sleeping car. Most of the people were 60+ but I guess I just like doing things that old people like doing. I would only really recommend the Coast Starlight if you a) are a train nerd and/or b) have a lot of time on your hands because it takes at least 15 hours longer than flying.


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  • Marco says:

    Hey! Thanks for sharing it! I’m planning a trip from Seattle to San Francisco. How much did you pay the Coast Starlight for each of you with the sleeper car?

  • Mayra says:

    Cool info!! Thanks for sharing. My boyfriend and i are looking forward to taking a trip like this from Los Angeles to San Francisco this upcoming October. Do you happen to have another page were you talk about price range, tips or things to do in San Francisco??

    • melissa says:

      I don’t think I’ve ever written about things to do in San Francisco, but I’ve been there many times, so I should!

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