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Yeahhhhhhh… so I guess I kind of neglected my poor blog for awhile. I was busy! Sorry, blog. But I’m back! NOW I WILL FINALLY POST MY PORTLAND/SAN FRANCISCO PHOTOS EVEN THOUGH THEY’RE FROM A MILLION YEARS* AGO. And update on various other life things because I’m going to Japan in three months! Three months? That’s so soon! Anyway, here we go with my almost-forgotten Portland/San Francisco photos. In case you forgot (I mean, I barely remember and I was there), I went to Portland a couple months ago and then took the train down the coast to San Francisco. Two of my favourite cities!

* by “a million years” I mean “four months”

¬†You remember how this goes. Here’s me eating a muffin on United on the way to ORD. A real coffee cup, because my YYZ-ORD upgrades always, always clear on United. I’m basing this entirely on my own experience, but I think that there aren’t that many United elites flying out of YYZ. (Lucky for me.)

One of the surprisingly tolerable United Clubs in ORD.

It looks kind of modern!

In order to get to the west coast at a reasonable time, you need to leave really early. So I was trying to sleep. It didn’t really work.

Look! I don’t always get upgraded! Exit row ORD-PDX. Despite the lack of upgrade, this was one of the BEST United flights I’ve ever had. The pilot was amazing. He kept Channel 9 on and would talk about various things related to the flight, answer passenger questions, talk about what we were flying over — it was awesome. As much pain as United causes me sometimes, that kind of stuff is why I love them.

Arriving in Portland and riding the Max.

Downtown Portland/Chinatown

We went to Ping for happy hour. Portland has such amazing happy hours everywhere. SO MUCH CHEAP FOOD AND DRINKS! Seriously, look at Ping’s happy hour menu. Coming from a place that doesn’t really do happy hour, I’m so jealous.

Ramen and squid on a stick

The Kobayashi dog

Tiny fish

It’s cute inside. It was pretty empty, because I guess MOST PEOPLE aren’t drinking at 3pm on a weekday. Their loss!

Then we wandered off to Ground Kontrol for some nerdy nostalgia. It’s basically an arcade that serves alcohol. I’m not the hugest arcade fan unless there are UFO catchers involved. (The best combination would be UFO catchers AND alcohol.)

This was Mike winning at Mortal Kombat.

A cute Portland diner. Notice that it’s raining. It rained the entire time. It’s Portland!

Best place to spend a rainy day: the greatest bookstore in the world.

I love Powell’s so much. Mmm, books.

A giant square of food trucks. Toronto, you suck.

Food trucks, wahhhh. Why can’t I have more stomachs?

Went for Spam musubi. 808 is the area code for Hawaii!

Not quite as good as Honolulu, but I take what I can get.

Then, it was time for (obviously) more Japanese food. We went to Kale (“curry” in Japanese), an adorable curry restaurant run by Japanese people. I LOVE Japanese curry. This was the regular curry with extra fukujinzuke (pickles). When I make curry, I always pile on the fukujinzuke because I require MAXIMUM PICKLES at all times.

Mike got the Curry Doria. The doria version basically means it’s baked with cheese. It is DELICIOUS. It may be one of the most delicious foods on this planet.

This entry is making me really hungry. I think I’m going to go get some food and then continue on with more Portland photos. Which are probably all food photos. Sigh.

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