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YES! Finally. It only took me a month, but this is the LAST of the mini RTW posts! I will do a summary post at some point (including what the whole trip cost) but for now, here’s the last flight of the trip, FRA-YYZ. I think we were a little bit insane from jetlag at this point.

The standard shell-type seats again. This time, we were in the mini-cabin of business class. It was its own section that only had two rows of seats.

Ha ha, look at those suckers back there in economy, thinks Mike. Or at least, that’s what I imagine he was thinking.

Pre-departure… water. EXCITING.

The menu has a different photo than the one yesterday. I appreciate this.

I honestly don’t even remember this meal.

Still not as German as I would think, but lots of potatoes.

Goodbye, Germany!

One final shot of Frankfurt.

I was trying to do something fancy with the Lufthansa logo, but this just ended up looking like a Myspace photo.

Ahhh, blue skies. The cool part about this flight was that it had INTERNET. For the entire flight! Including over the ocean! I didn’t even know that was a thing yet, since I’ve only had internet available on domestic/transborder flights before.

Appetizer salad

Green curry

Cheese plate!

More after-dinner chocolates.

Time for bed. Mike went to sleep while I sucked up all the in-flight internet. An eight hour flight from Europe passes in NO TIME if you have a bed and some internet.

Almost home.

Pre-landing snack: no idea what it was. Meat and cheese and cake?

Mysterious German food.

This looks like ice cream but I’m pretty sure it was cheese spread.

So pretty.

Hello, Toronto.

Three weeks and five countries later, we’d made it around the world in one (jetlagged) piece. I can’t wait until we have enough Aeroplan miles to do it again!

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