lost in frankfurt

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The timing of this post is kind of funny, because ground staff is on strike at Frankfurt Airport today.

We had several hours to waste at FRA. After we checked into the Sheraton (conveniently located in the airport!), we wandered around for a bit. It’s a strange feeling to be in an airport but not in a hurry and not going anywhere. That feeling plus jetlag left me with the disconcerting idea that I was somehow existing outside of time. If you’ve ever been super jetlagged while travelling, you probably know what I mean.

I’ve mentioned it before, but I love love love departure boards. Especially the kind with tiles that flip. I really want to buy one and put it on my wall.

FRANKFURT AIRPORT PRO TIP: There’s a grocery store in the basement of the airport! A real grocery store, with shopping carts and everything. Seriously, how many airports have an actual grocery store?

We cruised the aisles and bought German snacks.

Including these “Curry Gewurz Ketchup” chips.

Cute Lufthansa Lego A380!

German McDonalds

Fancy seating!

McDonalds has screens you can order from instead of talking to a person.

Chicken for breakfast? Also, I think it’s TOTALLY WEIRD that they don’t have hashbrowns at German McDonalds. Isn’t Germany the home of potatoes and meat?

They bring the food to your table. Civilized!

I had a “Sweet McGriddle” which is actually just the pancake part of a McGriddle. I slathered mine with Nutella. That’s right, German McDonalds has NUTELLA. Why can’t we have nice things, North America?

Mike had one of the regular breakfast meals.

After breakfast, we decided to go planespotting. Unfortunately, the observation deck was closed for the winter, so we could only gaze at it sadly from inside.

Mike likes planes.

We never actually went outside.

The Lufthansa Senator lounge. The food selection was okay and the lounge itself was nice but really busy.

Smells like… Team Spirit.

The toilets in the lounge were self-cleaning and bizarre*. The whole seat would spin around. I can really only explain it with a video:

* Japanese toilets don’t faze me, but German toilets? WEIRD!

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