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The HKG-FRA leg of the trip was one of the longest flights of the trip — almost as long as YYZ-NRT. I’m a fan of biz class shell-type seats for long flights. I think I actually like them better than the Air Canada pod-type seats — at least when travelling with someone else.

HKG has a Muji! I love Muji. Random fact about me: my favourite underwear in the entire world ever ever EVER is from Muji, but you can only find it in Japanese Muji stores. (I’ve looked in Muji stores in Barcelona, London, Paris, Hong Kong, and New York. But much to my chagrin, they only sell them in Japan.)

Down this long hallway is the United Club.

This was one of the nicer United Clubs I’ve been to. I mean, it doesn’t compare to the lounges of Asian carriers, but as far as United goes, it’s quite decent. Compared to United Clubs in the US, it’s practically paradise. And the food selection is WAY better than the United Club at NRT.

Looking down on the gate area. (Literally and figuratively!)

United 747.

Some kind of extremely delicious Chinese beverage.

Edible sushi.

Tea in real cups.

Some all-American hot dogs and fried things. This is United, after all. Mike was most excited about the hot dogs.

Salad bar

Cup noodles galore!

I had some rice crackers and wasabi peas.

LAST CHANCE TO BUY JAPANESE MAGAZINES! Of course, they’re more expensive in Hong Kong than they are in Japan, but still way cheaper than they are here in Canada. I got this Pingu magazine that came with a super cute Pingu tote bag.

Got a Ne-net cat tote bag too.

And a Duffy for my bag from the Hong Kong Disneyland store in the airport. As a (half) Japanese girl, I am pretty much obligated to buy Duffy.

Boarding time.

Mike likes 747s.

I just look strange and tired.

Whee! Like the last 747 we were on, there’s just a closet at the front of the plane. (The cockpit is upstairs.)

Why do I always take a photo of this?

All my soft things.

Some kind of creepy mountains.

Menu time.

Wine list. I almost never drink on planes…

…but sometimes I do.

Shrimp appetizer

Chicken? I can’t remember.

Fish entree. I thought the food on Lufthansa would be more… German. I mean, I guess this meal does have potatoes at least.

Apple crumble dessert. Surprisingly tasty!

Chocolates and coffee after dinner.

I love this Lufthansa bear. That reminds me — I never took a photo of Lufthansa amenity kit. It looks like this and contained the standard amenity stuff: socks, toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, lotion, eye mask, ear plugs. I like how it’s a tin (with the A380!) instead of the usual zip bag.

Mike took this awesome photo of the sky.

Somewhere over Poland.

Pre-landing breakfast: Mike had the hot version.

I had the cold version.

Frankfurt at night.

We landed at FRA checked into the Sheraton — it’s actually part of the airport, so we didn’t even have to go outside. We spent the evening and part of the next morning wandering around the airport in a sort of jetlagged zombie-state. Coming back to Toronto from Asia via Europe makes you feel weird.

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