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One of the things we did in Hong Kong was visit Macau. Macau is technically another country, and was a Portuguese colony until 1999. Macau is like Hong Kong — it’s part of China, but retains a lot of autonomy as a special administrative region. There are a bunch of ways you can get to Macau, but boat is the most popular. We took the TurboJet from Sheung Wan, and it takes about an hour each way. The TurboJet was really the main draw for me — I love new forms of transportation! JETFOIL! TurboJet uses Boeing Jetfoils. I have now been on a Boeing boat.

Here is a map I stole from the internet to show where Macau is in relation to HK.

We took Super Class because we’re fancy. Okay, it was really because we were hoping to avoid the insanely long immigration lines by getting off the boat first. It wasn’t fancy at all.

This was the “lounge.”

Uhh… at least there were pillows?


Onboard the TurboJet. I was sad because my window was all foggy.

The strange breakfast. The croissant had meat inside. (Who puts meat inside a croissant?)

Mike making a weird face.

Super Class coffee. Not very super.

Filling out the immigration form. It was in Chinese, English, and Portuguese. Because Macau is another country, you have to hand in your Hong Kong departure card and go through immigration like you do for any country.

A view from my cloudy window.

Arriving at the ferry terminal.

We decided to hop on a hotel shuttle because they’re free. This one was going to the Wynn. We pretty much picked one at random.

This is a terrible photo, but you can kind of see the Water Cube building that they totally stole from Beijing. The design is pretty much EXACTLY THE SAME. Way to be original, Macau.

Fancy hotels and fancy casinos.

Macau is almost exactly like Las Vegas. It’s kind of creepy. Here’s someone’s photo of Macau at night and you can see what I mean. There are all the same hotels — the Bellagio, the Venetian, the MGM Grand, the Wynn. It’s like bizarro Asian Las Vegas.

I really hate Las Vegas, so our destination was NOT casinos. After getting off at the Wynn, we headed to check out the old town.

From the cab: casinos galore!

Downtown Macau.

Such a weird mix of European and Chinese.

Getting ready for Chinese New Year?

So European!

A pretty church.

I was kind of obsessed with the tiles.

I love palm trees.

Mike looking cool, shot #1.

Mike looking cool, shot #2.

Apparently the thing to eat in Macau is some kind of pork sandwich. So Mike ate one. (He said it was good.)

I had a Portuguese egg tart. YUM.

We kept wandering, and things eventually became less European and more Chinese.

Back at the ferry terminal. (This was a really short trip.)

Ooooh, boats.

Another “lounge.”

On the boat: another Super Class meal. It was some kind of barely edible pasta that I mostly donated to Mike.

This Super Class car was totally different than the ride to Macau: it had a bar at the front and the seats were arranged in a different configuration. The trip back to Hong Kong was pretty bumpy but we were soon back on land at Sheung Wan station. We re-immigrated to Hong Kong and were on our way.

Macau is a fun day trip (or longer) if you’re in Hong Kong. Plus, you get a cool new stamp in your passport!

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