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Another flight post! This one is Thai Airways ICN-HKG. Really, this trip was as much about the journey as the destinations. Trying new airlines and visiting new airports. I know most people hate flying, but I am (obviously!) not in that group. I love flying. I love airports. (But I was still relieved to have a flight free of delays this time.)

Of course, airline status and not flying economy makes it even easier to love airports. Here is a huge line that I did not have to wait in.

Do you like K-pop? Why not K-food?

The Asiana lounge

Drink set up. I won’t judge you if you drink wine at 9am.

Mike surveys the mediocre breakfast options. (Salad?)

The funny part was that all the books were fake.

Bathrooms. I don’t know why, but lounge bathrooms always seem to have doors that go right to the floor. I like it.

Boarding time. Two doors — one for first/business, one for economy.

The better door.

Thai business class — regular shell-style seats. (Thai only has two classes.)

Mike, the fake snob.

Champagne and orange juice.


Okay, this was WEIRD. On the left is my safety card. On the right is Mike’s safety card. Notice that his has text on the iPhone and mine does not.

WHY? Lady Gaga lyrics? Weird, right? Why did only one safety card have this?

On to the menu.

It was a pretty short flight, just a couple hours. After landing in Hong Kong, the flight was going onwards to Bangkok.

Salmon appetizer

It was pretty tasty.

Korean brie!

I was kind of expecting Thai food, but kimchi is always welcome.

Gochujang is also appreciated because it’s good on everything!

Shrimp something something. It was fine but not memorable.

Cheesecake. Good with tea.


For relaxing times… fly business class.

The seat control. I don’t know why I always take a photo of this.

Almost there!

After landing at HKG, it was off to the Airport Express. Not quite as fancy as the Narita Express, but pretty awesome. I love cities that have fast and efficient public transit to airports. Why can’t we have nice things in North America?

The hotel knows my name!

Our hotel was in middle-of-nowhere Aberdeen, but it worked out pretty well. The hotel was free (booked on points), was pretty nice, and a taxi to Central was cheap.

Too hungry to move, so room service saved the day.

We headed out to Causeway Bay to get an actual dinner.

Hong Kong looks just like it does in the movies!

Yeah, I don’t know. Does Canada even have any fine food? Maple syrup?

Kelvin had told about the nifty OpenRice app, so we used it to find this seafood restaurant for dinner. Pretty sea creatures outside is always a good sign, right?

I wanted to eat this crab.

Tofu puffs

Sorry, Mr. Crab. You were delicious!

Some kind of egg and seafood dish. Yum!

After dinner, we walked around Causeway Bay and Wan Chai a bit more, before heading back to the hotel. Next entry: adventures in Hong Kong!

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