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After my last post, I decided to just do an entry about food in Tokyo. Mmmm. Eating in Tokyo is probably the greatest thing ever. Even though we were there over New Year’s and a lot of stuff was closed, it was still amazing. I ate a lot of konbini onigiri, but I happen to think that konbini onigiri is amazing.

Anyway, on with the food! As mentioned in the last entry, heading to Tsukiji Market is a good way to get a delicious sushi breakfast, especially if you’re already jetlagged. It doesn’t get much better than eating sushi from fish that was caught fresh that morning. Yes, even for breakfast.

Like I mentioned, onigiri! From Family Mart. Cheap and good. I ate a lot of these.

Mos Burger! A fast food chain in Japan that has the cutest burgers.

So the thing at McDonalds while we were there was “Big America.” The commercials for it had Japanese dudes in monster trucks and the food includes things like the “Grand Canyon Burger” (more on that later.) I kind of have a weird obsession with going to McDonalds in other countries to see what regional things they have on their menus. (Hong Kong had a “Prosperity Burger” and Seoul had a “Bulgogi Burger.”)

One of my favourite snacks, taiyaki. Basically red bean paste in a fish-shaped waffle.

Another thing I like to do in Tokyo is have a depachika picnic. Underneath most department stores is a vast and glorious expanse of ready-made delicious food.

Japanese breakfast. Healthy AND tasty!

Another snack I love — takoyaki (octopus balls). You may remember my entry from last year where I went to the Takoyaki Museum in Odaiba.

After visiting Meiji Shrine on New Year’s Eve, we spilled out into a giant outdoor food court. It was lined with stalls of all kinds of food, mostly things on sticks and hot beverages. (This was a yakitori stall.)

I liked the Engrish. I also ate one of these and it was pretty good.

Japan is famous for weird Kit Kats, and this was no exception. I looooooooove Rilakkuma so I couldn’t resist this box of Rilakkuma hotto keki (pancake) flavoured Kit Kats. They really tasted like pancakes!

A lime soda from Freshness Burger. Freshness Burger is a Japanese fast food chain that has an emphasis on natural and organic food, and they have about a zillion kinds of drinks. I was pretty impressed that there was an actual lime in my lime soda.

AAAAAH! Tonkatsu at Maisen in Omotesando. SO. GOOD. If you ever go to Tokyo, please eat at Maisen (info at the bottom of this entry). This was the okonomi zen set.

And Mike had the kurobuta (black pig) tonkatsu. Basically the HOLY GRAIL OF TONKATSU. Tonkatsu does not get better than this. Yum.


Izakaya-ing it up. An izakaya is a Japanese pub, basically. Here’s all the Japanese you need to know to drink at an izakaya: Nama biiru (draft beer) and toire wa doko desuka? (Where is the bathroom?)

Fish and tofu and edamame, oh my.

Izakaya staple, fried chicken.

Squid + beer = yes

Why does Japan love ロールケーキ (roll cake) so much? I don’t know. It’s a mystery. A tasty, tasty mystery. I actually had to Google to find out what roll cake is called in English. Apparently it’s a Swiss Roll!

Hot lemonade! I love how vending machines in Japan dispense hot drinks.

Curry udon. I LOVE curry udon. I really do.

Mike also loves curry udon! (But not as much as ramen.) And yes, curry udon requires lots of slurping and a bib. I am a big fan of this Japanese curry udon chain, Konaya.

More izakaya fare — tamasen. Tamago (egg) + senbei (rice cracker).

Do not order pizza in Japan. It is a bad idea.

Ramen! Tantanmen ramen from Mike’s favourite place in Shibuya.

Later at Narita Airport, we got $50 in food vouchers from United and it was pretty late so we decided to waste spend them on weird food at McDonalds. This is the Grand Canyon Burger mentioned above. It has egg and cheese and fried onions and BBQ sauce, because obviously, that’s what Americans eat, right? If you want to see the other burgers that are part of “Big America” check out the menu here. (Including the Broadway Burger and the Las Vegas Burger!)

The burger in real life. Mike did eat it all, if that’s saying anything.

Also part of the “Big America” campaign was the Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie. Very American (?). We did try some other stuff, like the “Salt and Lemon” chicken burger. Which wasn’t very good, so you should stick to the burger in the next photo…

THE EBI FILET-O! My number one Japanese McDonalds favourite is the Ebi Filet-O. I have a weakness for shrimp burgers in general, but I love the Ebi Filet-O! (Check it out on the McDonalds menu here.) I actually like it a lot better than the Mos Burger shrimp burger. Bring this one to North America, McDonalds. (Ha ha, yeah right.)

And lastly, here’s the info for some of the places I mentioned:

Amazing tonkastu! They have a bunch of locations, but this one in Omotesando is the original.
4-8-5 Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

A chain, but it has reeeeeeeally good curry udon. This one is next to Ueno Station.
Ueno 7-1-1, Atre 2F

Asuka Ramen
Mike’s favourite ramen place. Get the paiku tantanmen.
2-11 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0031

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