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Here’s some random extra photos from Beijing that don’t fit anywhere else or warrant their own entry. Mostly touristy stuff and weird snacks. One of my favourite things to do in foreign countries is go to the grocery store.

The Drum Tower

The Bell Tower


I love, love, love weird snacks and weird snack flavours. Pringles and Lay’s Stax had a lot of strange flavours, like “Breezy Blueberry.” (Seaweed isn’t so weird.)

The crab flavoured chips did not taste like crab but were actually really delicious! Some other tasty flavours we tried were kimchi and BBQ eel. I also tried cucumber flavoured Pringles, but they weren’t very good.

Beijing National Stadium, built for the 2008 Summer Olympics and otherwise known as the Bird’s Nest. We didn’t go inside, because really, it’s just a stadium.

However, I think that the design of this building is so cool.


Beijing National Aquatics Center, not as impressive, and otherwise known as the Water Cube. Apparently there’s a water park inside!

The Water Cube looks a lot more fancy at night when it’s lit up.

Bad tourists! Yes, we ate at Yoshinoya. What? I like Yoshinoya!

When I need to buy toothpaste, obviously I will buy this Chinese Barbie toothpaste.

Another weird Lay’s chip flavour — Cheese Lobster. And who doesn’t love the classic great taste of cheese lobster?

We did go to regular Chinese grocery stores, but if you’re looking for a brightly lit, Western-style grocery store, there’s a chain in Beijing called Olé. There’s an Olé on Wangfujing and it’s very shiny and has a large wine selection.

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