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So the day after we toured the Boeing factory in Washington, we were off to Beijing, via San Francisco. Our SEA-SFO flight was at some ungodly why-did-I-book-this time like 5am, so we were up early. Way too early. No one should be awake at 3am, unless they haven’t gone to bed yet.

 Waiting for the airport shuttle in the hotel lobby. I know you want to mock my UGG moccasins, but whatever! They’re super comfy for 14+ hours of flying!

 Okay, so the flight was at 5:30am. Still. TOO EARLY.

 The others on the flight felt the same way. Zzzzzz.

EXCEPT for the people sitting behind me. They were really classy. Before the plane took off, they asked for champagne. On a domestic flight. At 5:30am.

 San Francisco!

Fumbling for some breakfast in the SFO food court.

You probably remember from my last entry that I like airplanes. AIRPLANES!

More airplanes!

 Oh, so pretty.

Heading up to the United Club in the International Terminal. I love United, but I would never buy a membership to their lounges. Air Canada’s lounges are definitely better. The United ones tend to be lacking pretty much everything and are super crowded. The best part is usually the free wifi and the outlets.

The International Terminal has this random weird vending machine of men’s beauty products. It’s good for my wallet that there isn’t a female version.

It’s a big Asian party in the International Terminal before lunch. Almost all of the flights were headed to Asia. I was nearly run over by a group of Korean ladies heading to ICN. I was also the whitest person in the duty-free.

 Finally! On the plane! Somewhere over Alaska, maybe.

Yeah. Economy class food.  United is one of those airlines that you really shouldn’t fly internationally in economy. I knew this already, but I still couldn’t resist the $300 airfare. They don’t even have seatback tvs, so be prepared to entertain yourself.

Using the 13 hour flight to catch up on my K-pop. Music Bank!

And lots of staring out the window. It was daytime for the entire flight.


Ooooooh, shiny. Thanks to the Olympics, Beijing has a lavish new airport terminal.

Heading into the Foreigners line. When you apply for a Chinese visa, you have to submit a photo, but the photo isn’t used in the visa. However, it shows up when you go through passport control! There’s a little screen where the photo of you pops up. I guess they use it to confirm your identity or something more mysterious, who knows. But it was interesting to see that the photo actually got used.

We were met after customs by the driver from our hotel (with a sign, ooooh, fancy) and he took us to the hotel. In the next entry — our awesome hutong hotel and lots of dumplings!

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