NEXUS searches, part two

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Because I get so many searches about this, here’s yet another entry where I answer the weird Google queries I get about NEXUS. And speaking of NEXUS, when I went through customs at YYZ on Wednesday, the line was INSANE. It went way outside the customs hall and threaded down the terminal. If I didn’t have NEXUS, I would have definitely missed my flight.

But anyway, here we go again!

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nexus pass rules

The rules are the same as they are for everyone else crossing the border. But there is a zero tolerance policy if you don’t follow them. Familiarize yourself with this. Basically the rules are follow the rules.

bring food nexus

For the millionth time: DECLARE YOUR FOOD OR DON’T BRING ANY. Since this is apparently hard for people to grasp, I have a cautionary tale. Here’s a Flyertalk thread where someone forgets they have an apple in their bag and is not only fined, but has their NEXUS card taken away.

porter airlines nexus

Nope. No NEXUS with Porter.

1st time at airport with nexus

You’ll do fine. Especially if you used the practice kiosk at your interview, which I did not do. I finally got the eye scan working after many tries, but I felt kind of dumb. I am now a super speedy pro at using it and pretty much always get my scan done on the first try.

can i use my nexus card coming from europe

Yes. You can use it coming back to Canada from ANY country.

chicago in winter bad idea ord?

Not NEXUS-related, but yes. Very bad.

do i get my nexus card right away

No, not anymore. After your interview, you wait a week or two (depending on where you live) for the card to arrive in the mail.

do you still have to go through security when you have a nexus card

Yes. NEXUS is for customs, not for security. However, some Canadian airports have special NEXUS-only security lines for domestic flights.

does everyone have to have a nexus pass

Uh… no? Unless you mean everyone in your group when crossing the border (either via air, land, or boat). In that case, yes.

does ewr have nexus

No, but they have Global Entry! Which you can use if you have NEXUS.

how much can i bring back to canada with nexus

The rules are the same, whether you have NEXUS or not. Your personal exemptions are listed here.

i always get stopped using nexus at airport

This may happen. You are unlucky.

how to use nexus machine at airport

It’s pretty easy and is explained here.

nexus card rules can you carry vitamins

Yes. Again, the rules for crossing the border are not NEXUS-specific. They are the same as they are for everyone.

should i declare snack foods on canada declaration card?

Yes, you should. You should declare ALL FOOD. Even gum. Chances are that you’ll be ask what food you have and when you answer “a bag of Cheetos” you’ll be waved through. It’s always better to declare your food than risk someone finding it later.

what happens if you dont declare cash when crossing border

As long as you have less than $10,000, it’s fine. If you have more than $10,000, you have to declare it. This is regardless of whether or not you have NEXUS. There are steep penalties for not declaring currency, and I have been stopped on the jetway while boarding a plane for a random currency check.

what happens when you forget your nexus pass?

If you don’t have the card with you, don’t use the kiosk/lane/etc. If you’re caught without the card (and they do check), you will lose your NEXUS.

I realize that by answering these questions, I just get more NEXUS-related Google searches. So… there will probably be a part three to this eventually!

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