mini toiletries for all

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Eventually, I’m going to get around to start posting the SECRETS OF CARRY-ON TRAVEL series that I’ve been thinking about. You probably know that I don’t check bags; it’s all carry-on, all the time. (Well, except for when I went to Barcelona earlier this year. That was a nightmare. Flying the day after someone tries to blow up a plane is not something I recommend. Carry-ons were banned so we were forced to check luggage, much to my dismay and frustration.)

But anyway, that’s not what I wanted to write about!¬†While in NYC, I tried out, a company that delivers mini toiletries. I wanted to try it in NYC because since the company is based in NYC, they offer same-day courier service. I ordered a bunch of stuff (including the Spa Week kit) while I was sitting around at YYZ, and it was waiting for me in my hotel room in NYC in a cute little box. It came with a TSA-friendly ziploc bag and a bunch of free samples. I was very happy, because how cool is it to get to your hotel and have pretty toiletries all ready and waiting? is awesome if you use higher-end products and don’t want to cart them along with you, or if you just want to try out some fancy stuff on your vacation. Or maybe you just have an obsessive love for all things mini-sized. (Not that I do or anything. Nope. Not at all.)

For the more drugstore-variety toiletries, there’s also Suite Arrival. (Maybe I’ll try them out next time?)

Anything that makes carry-on travel easier and/or more accessible gets a thumbs up from me.

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