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My flights to Hawaii were surprisingly fun. I mean, it helped that I was upgraded, but do most people call spending 12 hours sitting on an airplane fun? I’m a weirdo, I know.

I always fill out my US customs card in the cab on the way to the airport. (With my Hello Kitty pen, of course.) You might feel guilty grabbing a handful of customs forms at the airport and taking them home, but it saves time in the end.

Waiting in the Maple Leaf Lounge in YYZ. Pretty empty at 8am on a Saturday.

Coffee on the flight to ORD, on cute United Twitter napkins.

ORD is the middle of being converted to the new United/Continental look. I think the new counters look nice, but the lack of tulip makes me sad. I love the tulip.

Mike is ALWAYS happy to have a Chicago hot dog in his life.

Oh look at that, it’s KAI / M in the number one spot. THAT’S RIGHT, I’M NUMBER ONE. I try to avoid yelling this at the gate. I don’t think the other passengers are very impressed.

A tattered 767 safety card. Why did I take a photo of this? Who knows.

The Red Carpet Club at SFO. It kind of reminds me of a Red Lobster. (Without the lobsters, unfortunately. Although I don’t know if I’d want to eat a lounge lobster.)

Yes, we have no bananas or foreign vegetables.

Mai Tais for all! Mai Tais are a special Hawaii-only thing on United. And I have to say, Hawaii flights are kind of weird. There are leis strewn about the cabin, and the flight attendants wear Hawaiian outfits and flowers in their hair. ALOHA! they yell as you board. There are games played during flight and they keep offering you more drinks. (Although this might be a first class thing.) If I gave in every time someone asked “Another Mai Tai?” I would have passed out and died in my sleep from alcohol poisoning. It was a bizarre Hawaiian magical mystery tour.

So cute! (And again, the tulip.)

Dinner salad and roll, pretty standard.

My entree was the Trader Vic’s shrimp and scallops. (United also has Hawaii-specific Trader Vic’s food.) You’d think scallops on a plane would be gross, but it was actually pretty tasty.

Mike had macadamia nut crusted chicken that came with onions and sweet potatoes. Also tasty! Dessert was a warm chocolate cookie that I did not take a photo of. I like how United serves their cookies in bags now.

Somewhere over the Pacific. That reminds me, does anyone know why United always turns Channel 9 off over the Pacific? Just because it’s boring? (Channel 9 was on during this flight and the ORD-SFO one. I was VERY happy.)


There are some pretty awesome mountains to be seen from the plane.

We landed at HNL around sunset. If you’ve never been to HNL, it’s cool because a lot of it is open air. You can look right on to the runways.

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