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I’m currently sitting in the Maple Leaf Lounge at YYZ, waiting for my flight to ORD. (Then to SFO, then to HNL.) I had kind of a funny experience going through customs — NEXUS was down (again!), which I was apprehensive about because I know that going to Hawaii for one day looks kind of weird. (Last time NEXUS was down, I got asked  a million questions about why I was going to Las Vegas for one day.) But this customs guy didn’t care. “Whatever floats your boat,” he said as he stamped my boarding pass and waved me away.

Unfortunately, Mike got the dreaded SSSS on his boarding pass. If you ever find that you can’t print your boarding pass at home, this is often the reason. I don’t know if SSSS is actually an acronym, but it basically means you’ve won the random secondary search lottery. (Yay for you!) Prepare for someone going through your bags, a pat down, the naked machine, etc. (Hey, at least you know now.)

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