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A lot of people bug me about not flying Porter Airlines. It’s not cool if you live in Toronto and don’t fly Porter. You have to love Porter.

But the thing is — I do love Porter. Their service and product is better than any Canadian or American legacy carrier. I’ve flown Porter many times: to Montreal, to New York, to Chicago. In fact, Porter pretty much saved my trip to Barcelona last year. After some guy tried to blow up a plane around Christmas, ALL of the flights to the US were cancelled out of YYZ. There was no way I could make my connecting flight from JFK to BCN. I frantically booked a flight on Porter for the next morning and it miraculously made it out on time and got me to New York to catch my flight to Barcelona. Porter is my hero!

However, it usually doesn’t make sense for me to fly Porter. Yes, their convenient location at YTZ is nice. Yes, the short security lines are appreciated. And yes, their free cookies and Mr.Porter-branded bottled water is cool. But aside from the travel time to the airport, the experience for me at YYZ is the same or better. There are short lines, free cookies, and sometimes even upgrades. At YYZ I can use NEXUS and not have to worry about waiting in epic customs lines at EWR or MDW. And I get miles!

So bug me about not flying Porter if you want, but you’re fighting a losing battle.

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