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I’ve been getting a lot of people searching for NEXUS-related stuff and arriving at my blog. So here’s round two of me answering your Google search questions, NEXUS edition!

nexus interview questions

The questions are different for everyone (and based on your responses in your application), but it’s generally similar to the questions you usually get crossing the border. You do have to have an interview with both a Canadian border guard and an American one.

after applying how long to get the nexus interview?

Usually a couple weeks or so.

can i bring food through nexus

I feel like I have answered this a thousand times. But no, you can’t, unless you DECLARE IT. If you don’t declare it — and this includes any food, including gum —  you risk having your NEXUS taken away.

do i need an appointment for an iris scan nexus

If you already have a NEXUS card, no. You should be able to stop by any airport that can do the iris scan and have it done.

do you have to go through nexus line when coming back to canada

You never HAVE to go through the NEXUS line.

can you go to pearson to have a nexus iris photo


for nexus can u get iris scan later

If you have your NEXUS interview at a location that does iris scans, you’ll have it done then. If you have your interview at a location that doesn’t, you can get the scan done later. Here is a list of locations that do iris scans.

going through nexus driving with food

Once again, declare it or forget it.

does air canada serve food from lga to yyz

Okay, this isn’t NEXUS related. But the answer is yes, if you’re in the J cabin. You will get  a snack of some kind, usually a cheese plate.

how to scan eye in nexus line

Here are some instructions on how to use the iris camera. It’s really easy, although it usually takes a couple tries the first time. Just walk up to the kiosk and adjust the camera so that the little eye outlines match up with your eyes. If you’re too close, or too far away, the machine will tell you to move. I almost always get it on the first try now!

nexus cards amazingly easy

Well, I wouldn’t say that… but it is pretty easy!

nexus card was taken away

I am sad for you.

nexus questions border

There are usually two questions asked at the kiosk. I can’t remember the exact wording, but they basically ask if you checked off yes to anything illegal or going over your limit on the declaration card.

travelling at the airport with others who do not have nexus

You should laugh at them, and then breeze through customs while they shuffle through a long line with everyone else. Or you could be nice and wait in line with them. Your call, really. You can’t bring anyone else through the NEXUS line with you unless they have NEXUS. This includes spouses, ailing grandmothers, and children/infants.

where do you have to go for nexus interview

Any of these places.

what happens when my nexus card is taken away

Plan to get harassed while crossing the border until you die. You can also request a review of the decision if your card is cancelled. (Read more about that here.)

can i use nexus coming back from europe

Yes. You can use it coming back from ANYWHERE to Canada.

what can you bring back to canada in nexus line

The same stuff as everyone else. The rules don’t change if you have  a NEXUS card, you just need to make sure you actually follow them. Don’t go over your limit, don’t bring food, don’t cary $500,000 in cash, don’t bring weird plants back. And if you do, declare it.

violate nexus rule card taken away at border

See what happens when you don’t declare things?

what happens at the nexus appointment after they take photo

After they take your photo and fingerprints, you should be pretty much finished. You will usually be given a chance to use the kiosk in the NEXUS office to “practice.” (I didn’t do this and it took me probably ten tries to scan my eyes the first time I crossed the border. So definitely try out the kiosk in the office or risk looking stupid the first time.)

Whew! I think that’s it for now. Of course, this entry will probably mean I get even more weird NEXUS Google searches, so eventually I’ll probably do another one of these. If you still have questions (and a lot of time), check out this Flyertalk thread. It will answer EVERY QUESTION EVER about NEXUS, and it’s only 198 pages long right now.

p.s. I stole the photo at the top from the CBSA site. I have never seen a line like that for a NEXUS kiosk. Why isn’t anyone using the OTHER kiosk?!

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  • Michael Schoeman says:

    Hi Melissa,
    Thank you ! First website where I found some practical answers to Nexus. I am in the situation where I have an appointment at a location that does not do iris scans. I found the answer on your site but was just curious whether I would have to make an appointment or could I just go to say , YVR at any time and have a scan done after I have attended my app in Blaine ?

    Many thanks

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