do you remember the first time?

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I was going through some old photos and found these — the first time (that I can remember*) I ever flew in first class! Okay, so domestic first class isn’t really anything to write home about, but still.

I was flying alone from LAX to PDX on Alaska Airlines several years ago (five?) and I remember being hesitant about elbowing my way into the first class/elite lane. I eventually worked up enough courage to squeeze by and get my toes on the plush carpet.

* The actual first time was when I was two years old, flying from YVR, but of course I don’t remember it. My mom says there was enough room in front of her that I could sit on the floor and play.

In the cab on the way to LAX.

Hey, it’s the LAX sign!

A little dingy, but still better than waiting at the gate. As much as I can hate an airport, I really hate LAX.

Not bad! Free drinks, unlike some airlines. (I’m looking at you, United.)

I still think the Alaska Airlines logo is scary-looking.

Not as nice as the Maple Leaf Lounges, but better than the Red Carpet Club.

I was the only person in the lounge under the age of 50.

Although the free Bud Light was tempting, I think I had a Coke.

I was pretty excited about the mini water waiting at my seat. I still get excited about mini water, actually. It’s mini!

Somewhere between LAX and PDX.

If you thought I was excited about mini water, well, I was REALLY REALLY excited to learn that Alaska has JONES SODA. IN CANS. Which we didn’t even have in Canada. You can also see my seatmate’s meal — chicken Caesar salad. I was more hardcore about being a vegetarian then and declined a meal.


I was also very pleased to have enough room to cross my legs in my seat. You can also tell that this was a long time ago because I have a pink Nintendo DS and my old old pink iPod.

I will still happily fly in any cabin, because as I’ve said before — it means that I am on a plane. Which is exciting. I am GOING SOMEWHERE. Even I’m not really going anywhere (hello, mileage runs), it’s still fun.

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