à la prochaine

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I’m finally posting the last of the Paris photos! Like I mentioned, we spent most of our time sitting around and drinking, so if you were hoping for more photos of the Eiffel Tower (what?), you’ll be disappointed.

Outside the Opéra Metro station. Toured the Opera Garnier last time I was in Paris, pretended I was Christine Daaé, etc. Nothing to see here.

Maybe the fanciest Apple Store ever? I noticed on Foursquare that Google France was nearby… probably not a coincidence.

Artsy shadows, you know how this goes.

Shopping break in one of my favourite department stores, Galeries Lafayette. It may or may not be my favourite because it has multiple Champagne bars. I am also a big fan of the French chain, Comptoir des Cotonniers.

Why doesn’t anyone make ceilings like this anymore?

Oh, Badoit. Another one of my French favourites.

Escargots! Buttery and garlicky in the best way.

I forget what I ordered, but it was way, way more cheesy than I thought it would be. This is why God invented Lactaid.

And then we went… le bowling? Yes, there is a weird subterranean bowling alley/bar in the 5th. I sat fascinated, watching the French teenagers.

Lunch the next day at one of those places next to the Jardin du Luxembourg. Crispy panini with cheese and tomato.

The mysterious Coke Light somehow tastes better than Diet Coke. It might be psychological. Je ne sais pas.

Pompidou is just fun to say. Pompidou!

There’s one of those cute mini Monoprix stores across from the Pompidou Centre — perfect for picking up some drinks and snacks and just enjoying the sunshine.

You know, like this!

Or like this!

Or this!

Wandering around in the Marais.

Yes, I went to Sephora in Paris. But I did buy French perfume!

Mid-afternoon happy hour tapas and sangria break in the Marais at Les Piétons.

Zzzzzzzz time at the hotel.

Tasty tuna for dinner. And more wine. We drank endless bottles of Alsatian Riesling.

My dessert was some chocolate thing covered in chocolate shavings that made for a terrible photo. So you can look at Mike’s pretty dessert instead.

C’est fini! À la prochaine!

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