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This entry is probably longer than it needs to be, considering it’s only about the five-hour train ride from Zurich to Paris. I’m kind of an airplane/train nerd, so if photos of my train ride aren’t your thing, just ignore this entry.


Anyway, we checked out of our hotel, and left for the Zurich HB (aka Zürich Hauptbahnhof, aka the train station).

I am seriously in love with these boards that have the spinning tiles. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I want to own one. So much cooler than the digital ones. When all the tiles flip at once, it’s like magic.

Looking fake impressed/unimpressed. Come on, we’re going to PARIS!

It’s our train!

Première classe, obviously. Where else would we sit? (Okay, so first class was actually only a few dollars more than second class at the time I bought the tickets.)

The seats are pretty posh, and the interior is designed by Christian Lacroix. Random seats are green.

I had a green seat! I was pleased to note the green seats had matching green tray tables. And outlets for my devices!

Menu on the train.

Happiness is a cheese plate!

Mmmmmmmm, so cheesy.

This salad picture looks creepy in high resolution.

The French countryside: pretty boring.

Fields and fields and fields and fields and more fields.


Strasbourg, in Alsace, France. There weren’t that many stops between Zurich and Paris. And, because Switzerland and France are friends (part of the Schengen Agreement), there’s no need to worry about people checking your passport or anything. There’s no border control at all. Wheeeee!

After a million more miles of French countryside (fields fields fields sheep cows fields), we arrived at Gare de l’Est. And then the hotel fun began. But that’s in the next entry!

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