zurich, part zwei

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I’m back from Paris, and have some picture-posting catch-up to do. I was only in Zurich for a couple days, but my overall impression that it’s a lovely, charming, and well-designed (HELVETICA EVERYWHERE!) city, but very expensive. The Swiss Franc is almost on par with my dollar, but everything was expensive. Almost every cocktail I had was around $20. A taxi from the airport was maybe 15 minutes… and $60. A tiny bottle of Pantene hair conditioner was $8.

But I had a fun time — and now, back to the photos. (Part one is here.)

I took these photos from our hotel bathroom. It always scares me when hotels have huge windows with no screens. I COULD FALL OUT AND DIE!

Again, looking down on to the cute little square from the window.

As mentioned previously, the hotel was Zurich-themed. Our room had this painting of Zurich, and a map of Zurich on the wall.

Time for a tasty, tasty Swiss specialty — FONDUE!

There can be nothing bad about eating a pot of cheese for dinner.

Thank you, Switzerland, for inventing the miraculous idea of dipping bread into a delicious combination of melted cheese and alcohol.

Time for a much less miraculous idea: ordering sushi in Zurich. I’ve mentioned this before, but I have this mental block when it comes to sushi and always seem to remember that I love it, but forget that eating it in many countries is kind of a  stupid idea. Now, this roll wasn’t bad (it rarely is) but it was incredibly mediocre and cost an astounding $20. (Everything in Zurich is really expensive, but still.)

Looking down the Bahnhofstrasse, which is the main fancy shopping street. Wikipedia says that it’s “one of the world’s most expensive and exclusive shopping avenues,” but it was about the same as say, the Champs-Élysées, or Ginza in Tokyo.

Typical little Swiss side street.

A very famous toy store that had a lot of very expensive stuffed animals.

Another boat tour! I’M ON A BOAT… again.

Faaaaaaaaar in the distance, it’s the Alps!

The houses in Zurich are so cute, it’s hard to believe that they’re real.

The Lindt chocolate factory! I didn’t take a tour, but I assume it’s exactly like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory inside.

The inside of the boat. The old people all sat inside because well, they’re old.

Sitting outside at a cafe.

Another bierhalle. Full of weird military stuff.

Asparagus was in season. So we ate it. With hollandaise. My general life philosophy is that everything is better with hollandaise.

Obviously this was not my dinner. But the potato salad at this place was AMAZING.

My dinner of fried fish goodness. Why are all the potatoes and all the eggs in Europe so bright yellow?

Last night in Zurich: an airline-themed bar! Apparently opened by former Swiss pilots. You can see the “first class” seats in the background (actual airline seats with tray tables) and the windows are all airplane windows.

And of course, aviation-themed cocktails!

Next entry: Off to Paris! Stay tuned for my adventure that involves a lot of hotel drama and trekking to not two, not three, but FOUR different hotels in Paris.

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