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I’m in Zurich (sorry, Zürich) right now, but will be taking a train to Paris this afternoon. I figured I should start posting some of my photos before I get too far behind!

Waiting in the Maple Leaf lounge before the flight. The international lounge is nicer than the domestic and transborder lounges. More cookies and a pasta bar!

Almost there! The flight was pretty bumpy, but I didn’t mind. The seatbelt sign was on for probably 75% of the 7.5 hour flight.

Our adorable little hotel! There’s a fondue restaurant on the bottom floor.

Our hotel faced a cute little cobblestone square with restaurants and shops.

The hotel itself is Zurich-themed, with weird historical things on each floor.

Hey, it’s Michael and and Hampton! They had flown in the day before from London.

Zurich is pretty.


Walking along the river.

A bratwurst snack — cannot escape the sausage in Switzerland.

Why does it seem like every city in the world has a ferris wheel?

View from the ferris wheel — you can see the Alps!

The first night, we went for dinner at Hiltl, an awesome vegetarian restaurant. (And apparently the oldest vegetarian restaurant in Europe.) I definitely recommend checking this place out if you’re in Zurich — the food was delicious.

Champagne, of course.

This crispy tofu salad was amazing. Hampton had black truffle risotto, which was also amazing.

I am 100% convinced that everything tastes better in glass bottles.

Zurich at night.

I LOVE Nutella anyway, but mini Nutellas are even better. Why don’t we have these?

Wandering around, looking at pretty trees, but actually trying to find hair conditioner. Do Swiss people not use hair conditioner? It was weirdly hard to find, and when I finally did find a tiny bottle of Pantene at the grocery store, it was $8.

I love weird beverages.

Like Portland, Zurich isn’t afraid to put a bird on it.

Beer hall, or Bierhalle as it was called. This one was pretty authentic… lots of old people eating schnitzel and drinking beer.

Mike has a deep love for Swiss food. Me, not so much… but I do love rösti.

Quick boat ride down the river.

What is a European vacation without hanging out outside a cafe?

I just really liked the name. Cakefriends! I am friends with cake.

A very tiny radish sandwich. It was basically a breadstick with some filling. Yum!

I’m off to catch my train to Paris soon, but I’ll finish updating with the rest of my Zurich photos soon. Coming up next: More sausage, an airline-themed bar, Lake Zurich, fondue-eating, and yet more sausage.

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