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I am always amused at what people Google to get to my blog, so I decided to answer some of the search terms that seem to be questions. If you’re searching for these things, now you know!

can i bring food when i go through nexus line

Answer: NO. You cannot bring any food through the NEXUS line, not even gum, unless you DECLARE it. Your NEXUS card can be taken away otherwise. But go ahead and try it. More space at the kiosks for me!

hakone worth money onsen

Answer: Yes. Isn’t being relaxed worth money?

tsukiji best restaurant

Answer: Well, I don’t really know. But the sushi place I ate at was delicious.

do you need an appointment to get nexus iris scan

Answer: Yes, you do. You can make the appointment online with GOES to get your NEXUS card. But if you only need the iris scan (and already have the card) you can just stop by a NEXUS office that is able to do iris scans (YYZ, for example).

hakone ginyu review, “hakone ginyu” photos, “hakone ginyu” ryokan

Answer: You can find those here: Hakone, Day One and Hakone, Day Two.

after how long nexus card arrive

Answer: I don’t really understand what you’re asking. But your NEXUS card should arrive two weeks or so after your interview, depending where in the country you live.

do nexus members get fingerprinted

Answer: Yes.

ferris wheel takoyaki machine

Answer: I don’t have one, but they look pretty cool. Does anyone know where to find these? I want one!

going through customs with nexus

Answer: What ELSE would you do?

harajuku gyoza lou

Answer: Okay, this wasn’t a question. But I’ll take this opportunity to say that I love this place. If you’re ever in Tokyo, stop there for super cheap and tasty gyoza.

mileage plus baggage tag

Answer: No, sadly Mileage Plus doesn’t give out baggage tags as part of their program. The husband is an Aeroplan elite and I’m jealous of his baggage tags. (Are you listening, United? Baggage tags for all!)

nexus no iris scan crew line

Answer: Why are you trying to use NEXUS at the airport if you don’t have an iris scan? This will not work. You can only use the land crossings if you are iris scan-less.

odaiba takoyaki hello kitty fuji station popular with school

Answer: Yes.

melissa toronto travel publishing

Answer: That’s me! Who are you, creepy person?

mileage run yyz aus

Answer: Going to Austin from Toronto doesn’t really seem mileage run-worthy to me — it’s not that far and YYZ-AUS flights are usually pretty expensive. But if you could actually find a good fare, why not?

united airlines tulip

Answer: I miss it too.

odaiba takoyaki museum map

Answer: It’s not that big, you won’t need a map.

sushi at tsukiji market

Answer: You should eat it. Trust me on this.

tokyo metro shimbashi station

Answer: Um, well, here’s a photo I took of it:

Not what you were looking for? Here’s a map of the station from the JR East site.

what happens if you never have your nexus interview

Answer: Then you never get a NEXUS card.

where to go for nexus interview at yyz

Answer: It’s in Terminal One, just to the right where you enter the customs hall. There’s a sign, you’ll find it, don’t worry.

manicure virgin america sfo

Answer: No. The Clubhouse in SFO doesn’t have a spa. But if you’re flying Virgin Atlantic, the LHR one does! (Manicures? You can get massages, haircuts, and facials too!) Since you’re flying Virgin America, I think you’ll be hard-pressed to find any kind of domestic lounge that offers anything as fancy as manicures.

who ever stay at hakone ginyu

Answer: Um… me?

And there you go! Your weird search terms answered by me.


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