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Surely by now you all know how I hate checking luggage. Which means I have to bring all necessary toiletries with me in my carry-on bag. I’ve lamented the lack of cute ziptop bag options before, so when I found these, I was pretty pleased. Regular old Ziploc bags are ugly and boring, so I’d taken to harassing the people at Sephora into giving me their striped version. (Why they don’t just sell them, I have no idea.) Anyway, these GlamBags from Kiki*c are pretty adorable.

I’d prefer bags without logos or print, but hey, I’ll take what I can get. (If anyone knows anywhere else you can find cute ziptop bags, LET ME KNOW!)

One last thing — if you live in Canada, the shipping for these is kind of insane. $20 for shipping, but…

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