asia adventure: random hong kong

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Wahh, this trip was awhile ago now and I have since been to Asia several more times, but oh well! Better late than never, right? …Right? Yeah, okay.

This is just some random Hong Kong stuff. In case you don’t remember, back in December I did Hong Kong – Taipei – Tokyo – Hong Kong. (All those posts are here.)


Dim sum! Is there anything better than cheap and delicious dim sum?


Let me answer that for you: no, no there is not.


Wandering around Central somewhere.


Cute graffiti.


The Hong Kong Museum of Medical Science. Too scary for me, but cool building.


In a park.


Rice rolls (cheung fun) are my favourite.


Dim sum Mike.


Osmanthus jelly. Because I have a weird obsession with osmanthus.


All the people. So many people.


From the patio of the IFC mall.


Dinner at the famous Yardbird in Hong Kong. I was generally unimpressed.


But they had Hitachino Nest beer!


I didn’t love Yardbird because I think I’m just sort of tired of that kind of food and/or experience when travelling. The space was nice and the food was good, but I would have rather spent 1/10th the price and eaten more dim sum (okay, not a dinner thing, I know) or any random food on the street. I felt the same way eating at Lost Heaven in Shanghai. These very foreigner-friendly places always come highly recommended but I’m always sorry I didn’t just eat something cheap and tasty. That’s the thing with travelling in Asia — there’s SO MUCH extremely cheap and amazing food. I can (and often do) eat expensive fusion-y food with a bunch of white people at home.

But anywaaaaaay, I’m going back to Hong Kong in a couple months and I’m pretty excited already because it’s one of my favourite cities. I will eat more dim sum!


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