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My boss at work was aghast when I told her that I was going to Beijing for a weekend. Because who goes to China for a weekend? PEOPLE WHO GET AMAZING MISTAKE FARES, THAT’S WHO!

I got in on the American Airlines business class fare mistake fare that happened a month or so ago. The actual fare was $0, so I’m paying the taxes (about $450 USD) to fly BUSINESS CLASS from Washington to Beijing. BUSINESS CLASS FOR $450 RETURN! TO CHINA! That’s insane.

So let’s talk about my recent and upcoming travel, because all of them were pretty excellent deals.


Booked as part of another great mistake fare last year, I just came back from YYZ-JFK-MXP-VIE-BUD-AMS-NRT-YYZ. That’s Toronto to New York to Milan to Vienna to Budapest to Amsterdam to Tokyo. And it was also really cheap. Here’s the breakdown:

  • YYZ – JFK: $61 + 12,500 Delta miles. I earned all 12,500 on my December trip to Asia (also a mistake fare!) so I figured this was a great way to use them up since I don’t normally fly Delta.
  • JFK-MXP-BUD-AMS-NRT: A whopping $231 with a Priceline deal that came up last year.
  • MXP-VIE: I used some wayward Aegean miles (accumulated getting Star Alliance Gold) and $44 for this flight.
  • NRT-YYZ: 35,000 United miles and $49.

GRAND TOTAL: $385 to fly across the entire world.

It isn’t glamorous, but I’m pretty proud of this as being one of my cheapest trips ever. Even better, Orbitz had a deal awhile back where you could get $100 off hotel bookings, so I had a couple $20/night hotel rooms on this trip.


Going to Beijing for a weekend as mentioned above. $450! Business class!


This trip was not a mistake fare but it’s still a good deal. United had flights available to Hong Kong for around $500 USD roundtrip from Toronto. So I booked one of those, but of course I turned it into another Asia adventure and added on a few more countries. For a mere 30,000 Aeroplan miles and $73 CAD ($58 USD), I booked a flight from Singapore to Fukuoka (Japan) to Hong Kong in business class. Business class on Singapore Airlines, no less. On the way to Hong Kong, there’s also a brief stop in Seoul, because well, why not? It’s on an Asiana A380!

I feel pretty lucky to travel this much, but I really chalk it up to the dealz. I want to also point out that you don’t have to spend $2000 per person to fly to Asia if you’re flexible, and you don’t have to spend your holidays somewhere boring like Hawaii or Las Vegas because you think you can’t afford somewhere farther away.

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