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I’m always on the hunt for fun/interesting/useful/cute/tiny travel products. So I decided to write about some of the ones that I’ve bought recently. Because I’m lazy, I just looked at my Amazon history, which is why all of these are from Amazon. But they’re all things I bought with my actual real life money and have used.

So here we go!


Recently, I’ve been getting into the strange (and expensive) world of travel underwear. I don’t check luggage, so something that can be washed in the sink and that dries quickly is very appealing. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to hang dry cotton underwear or socks, but they take FOREVER to dry. I bought a pair of this ExOfficio bikini underwear and did a trial run where I rinsed it in the sink and hung it to dry. I was pretty delighted that it was completely dry in about four hours. (Cotton takes longer than overnight to dry, so at least 12+ hours.) I’ve since bought Mike a pair of these ExOfficio boxer briefs (read the reviews, they’re hilarious) and he gives them a thumbs up. I’m not going to replace all of our underwear or anything, but I think it’ll be good to travel with a pair or two of these. This way, you never really have to worry about running out of underwear.

Mike and I used to have these Tide laundry bags that we always used for travel — they were light and easy to pack, and they smelled like Tide. We used them to put our dirty laundry in while travelling, or for carting it to a coin laundry if we were on a longer trip. Well, one of the bags has gone missing entirely and the other one is falling apart, so I’d been looking for a substitute. I’ve been using mesh bags with zippers but I prefer drawstring tops for laundry bags. I came across this Kikkerland travel-size laundry bag on Amazon and it’s pretty much perfect. It doesn’t smell like Tide, but it folds into its own little bag for packing (see the photo at the top) and best of all IT HAS A CUTE AIRPLANE PRINT!

For years, Mike and I used SIM cards from a company called Keepgo while we were travelling so that we’d have data on our phones. GOOGLE MAPS IS VERY IMPORTANT. However, Keepgo started to get terrible and after a few bad experiences in a row, we gave up on them forever. On our last trip to Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, we tried out GigSky and we were relieved that it went well. My experience was flawless and Mike had a small problem with connecting that was resolved quickly. GigSky has an iPhone app so that you can add data for countries as you go, which makes it ideal if you’re travelling to a bunch of countries over a short period of time. You can buy a GigSky SIM card on Amazon or through their website (which goes through Amazon anyway).

For the US, we usually use Roam Mobility for our SIM card needs.

Speaking of SIM cards, I’d been carrying our various SIMs around in a zippered pouch and it wasn’t working out well. I ended up losing one of Mike’s SIM cards so I started looking for a better solution. I found this SIM card case which I love. It’s small and lightweight, and it holds all the cards in with some sort of sort of sticky backing. (It’s sticky but not SO sticky that it leaves residue on the cards or anything.) No more lost SIM cards!

I like to buy toothbrushes when they’re on sale at the drugstore for $0.99 and use them for travel. But on our last trip, we were in and out of so many countries and hotels that I would have had to bring five toothbrushes per person. So I found these Steripod toothbrush cases which honestly, I bought because HEY IT COMES IN PINK. (They come in other colours too.) I’m not sure about the dubious claim that they sanitize your toothbrush, but they do have a faint but pleasant oregano smell and look cute. I also like that they snap (sort of like hair clips) which saves you from breaking your nails trying to open them. Since that trip, I’ve also bought these Dr. Tung’s toothbrush cases which have similar antibacterial claims. I haven’t tried them out yet, so we’ll see.

Lastly, I’ve used this Lewis N. Clark toiletry pouch for a couple trips now and it’s held up great. It gets kind of dirty, but it’s fairly cheap so you could replace it as necessary. I used to use this bag from Sephora but after going through two of them, I gave up and decided to try something else. The Sephora bags both broke mid-travel and I think the reason that these Lewis N. Clark ones hold up better is because the zipper is on the front of the bag rather than at the top. When the zipper is at the top and the bag is full, it creates stress on the zipper and the zipper breaks. That’s my theory, anyway! Of course, you can use regular Ziploc bags for for your toiletries, but I like to have something more durable. (I TRAVEL WITH ONLY A CARRY ON AND I HAVE A LOT OF MAKEUP, OKAY?)

If you have any suggestions on travel things I should buy, LET ME KNOW because I’ll probably just buy them. If they have airplane print, I’ll DEFINITELY buy them. Besides travel, wasting money is one of my hobbies.

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